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New PSAs target teens tanning

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) released several new ads last month to educate teens about the harms of tanning.  According to the AAD, on an average day, more than one million Americans tan in tanning salons. Of the customers, 70 percent are Caucasian girls and women, aged 16 to 49 years. 


In order to reach this younger population, the PSAs feature language often found in instant messages (IM).  According to the AAD, approximately 53 million American computer users most of them teens use IMs. The campaign consists of television, radio, print and Internet advertisements. The campaign hopes to reach teens with headlines such as Tanning beds can B like asking 4 skin cancer and Tanning beds R 4 losers. 


The PSAs can be found on the AAD website: and




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Australian schools enact twilight sports carnivals

Some schools in Australia are taking scheduling for sun safety to the next level: twilight sports carnivals.  Most sports carnivals or field days are held during the day.  While students in Austrailia are required to wear hats outdoors, UV rays can still reach their skin and can be especially damaging during full days outdoors. 

So this year, Brisbane's Wellers Hill State School held a twilight swimming carnival as part of its sun-safe strategy.  The principal, John Webster decided to enact this idea because it would reduce the amount of sun exposure the students would get during a regular sports carnival.  He says, it was really successful. We'll do it every year from now on."

Dr Margaret Oziemski, a consulting dermatologist applauds these efforts.  She says that schools that allow children to become sunburnt are guilty of exposing them to an injury.  A lot of childhood exposure to the sun increases our long-term risk of skin cancer. It's important we get school timetables right because a lot of sun exposure happens during school activities." Dr Oziemski would like to see schools placing covers over their pools, tennis, basketball and netball courts and for sports lessons to be scheduled before 10am and after 2pm.

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SHADE Foundation announces 2007 Sun Safe School of the Year

Iolani School in Honolulu Hawaii received the 2007 SHADE Foundation Sun Safe School of the Year award during a ceremony held September 14th.  The SHADE Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Boston Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling, and his wife, Shonda.  SHADE is committed to reducing the incidence of melanoma by educating children and their communities in the prevention of skin cancer. 


Iolani School implemented a comprehensive sun safety program in 2000.  They were the first school in Hawaii to do so.  The elementary school students learn about sun safety in their science classes.  They are taught about ultra violet light, ozone and sun protective measures through the use of fun hands-on science experiments.  Iolani also encourages the use of sunscreen and sun-protective hats during PE.  Recently they finished construction on a building called the One Team Field House which provides a sun protected play area for the children.


In addition to receiving the award from the SHADE Foundation, Iolani also received a $2000 grant from Blue Lizard Sunscreen for the purpose of continuing sun safety education.  Their program has been so successful that the SHADE Foundation, in a joint effort with Crown Laboratories, is featuring Iolanis sun safety program in a teaching kit and educational DVD.  They plan to distribute these products nationwide.


For more information or to enter the SHADE Foundations Sun Safe School of the Year contest, visit



        Retrieved September 23, 2007


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