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Consumer Reports tests Sunscreens; 18 of 20 below SPF promise

Consumer reports tested 20 sunscreens of broad spectrum and water resistant titles. Eighteen of the twenty came in at a lower spf coverage than the label specified. View this video here to see how they tested the sunscreens and which brands might be best for your summer outdoor adventures! Read more here.

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University - sponsored debit card relationships with indoor tanning vendors brought to light in new public health study

A recent study of large universities within the United States that had school-sponsored debit cards revealed that indoor tanning salons were an accepted vendor by 19% of the schools. Lindsay Boyers, a medical student at Georgetown University, collaborated with faculty advisors at the Colorado School of Public Health to study the university policy and directly related issue of indoor tanning and skin cancer further. Read more here.

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MRF Applauds Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Combat Skin Cancer

“Despite the epidemic rise in melanoma incidence and the increasingly heavy toll it is taking on young adults, this cancer has remained low on the public health radar screen. The report issued today (Tuesday, July 29th, 2014) by ‘the nation’s doctor’ changes the national conversation and recognizes that skin cancer is a major health threat that warrants coordinated action.” The Surgeon General lists five goals in his report that will save lives and reduce the estimated $8 billion dollars in costs associated with treating skin cancer. He also heavily emphasizes laying groundwork for prevention in everyone’s life from an early age on. Read more here.

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