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Winter sun and your skin cancer risk

It’s officially ski season and you know what that means? Time to slather on some sunscreen! Don’t let the drop in temperature or the cloudy days fool you, you are still at risk for UV radiation while partaking in winter outdoor activities especially skiing at high altitude where the UV rays are the strongest. For more information click here.

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5 Sunscreen Types to Protect Skin from Winter Sun

Do you think that the sunscreen you wear on your face isn’t protecting you as much as it should? You might be using the wrong type of sunscreen for your skin type. According to Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, and founder-director of Alps Beauty Clinics, Bharti Taneja, she has identified the 5 types of sunscreen that protects you from the harsh winter sun based off of the major skin type of either dry, oily, combination, normal, or sensitive skin. Click here to see what Ms. Taneja says about your skin type.

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Your Winter Face

Cheeks, forehead, chin, lips, nose, scalp, neck, ears, and eyes; what do these all have in common? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, these areas are affected by UV radiation and are at risk for skin cancer the most. For tips on how to protect these target areas, read here.

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