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Wellness Policy

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A portion of every wellness policy should include sun safety. Sun safe practices should be employed whenever children go outdoors for physical education, recess and lunch, or to participate in school sports, band practice, and field trips. In addition, skin cancer education, prevention and detection methods should be discussed in an overall student wellness plan.

If you're working on, or completing your district's Local Wellness Policy, now is a great time to address sun safety too. Sun safety can work alongside a wellness policy or be integrated directly into the policy you create.

Option 1—A comprehensive sun safety policy
The goal of the Local Wellness Policy is to promote student health and wellness. A sun safety policy can be introduced along with nutrition and physical activity policy to improve the overall health and wellness of the district. For more information on writing a comprehensive sun safety policy, visit Make it Policy.

Option 2—Physical activity addendum
More than likely a portion of the wellness policy you've written addresses physical activity. Often, physical activity education occurs outdoors where students are exposed to ultraviolet radiation. You can protect the district's students while they exercise with a sun safety addendum to the physical activity policy.

Learn more about the Local Wellness Policy from the USDA.

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