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Become a Sun Safe District

The following list of goals and objectives is consistent with the National Health Education Standards and CDC Guidelines for skin cancer prevention. Does your school meet the goals?

Please read through the objectives listed below and check the boxes of the objectives that your district currently meets.

Sun Safety Policy

GOAL 1: Adopt, communicate and enforce sun safety policies to reduce student, faculty, and staff exposure to UV (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun.

Measurable Objectives:

Incorporate comprehensive policy addressing sun safety in areas such as curriculum, dress code, school grounds, conduct, administering OTC medication, or your district’s Local Wellness Policy.
Review and remove any barriers to sun safety that exist in current policy.
Encourage students and staff to use hats, sunglasses, sun protective clothing, and lip balm and sunscreen (without a physician’s note or prescription) for outdoor activities.

Student Education

GOAL 2: Include sun safety in the district’s or each school’s curriculum.

Measurable Objectives:

Incorporate sun safety elements into the curriculum.
Adopt a stand-alone sun safety curriculum.

Shade Options

GOAL 3: Enhance the school’s physical environment to increase shade and use of shade options.

Measurable Objectives:

Evaluate the adequacy of shaded and/or indoor areas for recreation at each school.
Provide adequate shade structures for recreation areas at each school.
Plant trees to optimize shade availability on or near recreation areas at each school.
Monitor the UV Index and modify outdoor school activities with regard to the risk of harm associated with the UV Index level.
Develop a plan to increase shade at school sites.


GOAL 4: Promote sun safety awareness and reinforce sun-safe policies and practices.

Measurable Objectives:

Inform school staff and parents/guardians of the district’s sun safety measures. Consider providing information about the risks of overexposure to UV radiation and preventive measures they may take to protect their children during non-school hours.
Encourage parents/guardians to provide sunscreen, lip balm, hats, sunglasses, and other sun protective clothing for their children to use at school.

Staff Education

GOAL 5: Conduct sun safety training for all staff about UV radiation effects, risk factors for overexposure and sun protection habits.

Measurable Objectives:

Conduct pre-service and in-service skin cancer prevention training for all employees.
Inform all employees about the district’s sun safety policy and train them to deliver sun safety programs to students.


GOAL 6: Periodically evaluate whether schools are implementing sun safety policies or measures.

Measurable Objectives:

Develop an evaluation plan with timeline.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Guidelines for School Programs to Prevent Skin Cancer

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Sun Safety at Schools: What You Can Do
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