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Schools are in the unique position to convey health information to a large number of young people. This opportunity comes with the responsibility to help students develop healthy sun safe habits.

Ideally, students should receive age-appropriate instruction on sun protection at every grade level. But even instruction at one grade level would be beneficial. Skin cancer prevention can be included as part of a Coordinated School Health Program or integrated into other subject areas. Studies indicate that skin cancer prevention is most effective when taught as part of a comprehensive health education curriculum. The curriculum should focus on student understanding of the relationship between personal behavior and health, as well as provide the knowledge and skills needed for healthy living.1

Tips to provide education for districts and staff:

Tips to provide education for schools and students:

Click here to find out additional ways that schools can promote sun safety habits.

1Buller DB, Borland R. Health Edu Behav.1999 Jun;26(3):317-43.

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