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Family InvolvementFamily Involvement

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Families are students’ primary health educators, so involving them in sun safety education is essential. Parents or guardians can demonstrate, support and encourage sun safe behaviors for their children. They can also contribute to the development of a sun safe school through fundraising and can encourage businesses and community groups to provide monetary donations, expertise, labor or materials to further sun safety efforts. Once parents are on board, they can help students with sun safety outside of school and they can also help support district-wide sun safety efforts.

Tips to involve parents:

Parent participation is essential for the success of school-based health education programs, and can support and encourage the sun-protective behavior change of their children. Parents can also contribute to the development of a sun safe school through fund-raising, and can encourage businesses and community groups to donate to the cause.

Raise funds or use donations to:

Community InvolvementCommunity Involvement

By working with staff, parents, students, and community leaders, schools can build sun safety partnerships, which can help in the planning and implementing of sun safe school policies and environmental changes. Raise parental and community awareness by developing sun safety events, contests, and media stories. Furthermore, grassroots community efforts can lead to political and legislative support for sun safe school environments to promote public health.

To build sun safety partnerships:


Fast Facts

Seventy percent of adults reported protecting their children from the sun in a 1997 national survey. Fifty-three percent used sunscreen and 8% used shirts to protect their children.

Robinson JK, Rigel RS, Amonette RA. JAMA. 1998;280:317-318.

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