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Trees are a great source for shade


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Trees can be an excellent source of shade. There are two basic types of trees: deciduous and non-deciduous. Deciduous trees have many leaves that offer much shade in the summer months, but lose their leaves in the winter months. Non-deciduous trees provide year-round shade and protection from the sun's rays. Dense trees screen out about 80 percent of the sun's rays. With proper placement, trees also cool buildings in the summer.

Want trees for your school?

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation wants to help your school plant lots of trees while you enjoy the fruit they bear. The foundation is giving away free fruit trees through a program called "Fruit Tree 101." The unique school, family partnership helps schools enjoy their own fruit orchards on school grounds while students learn about botany, air quality and the importance of shade. To find out how to request trees, click here for an application. Schools typically receive about 20-25 trees, materials, orchard installation design work, and environmental curriculum.

Learn more about selecting and planting trees in Colorado from the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. Their resources can help you identify large deciduous shade trees, and can help you determine the best places to plant them for energy conservation.

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